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ICW CareManager: Down with DMP administrative overhead, up with quality!

Walldorf/Düsseldorf, November 16, 2005 – Disease management programs (DMP) are often reputed to increase the bureaucratic overhead instead of the care quality. In order to facilitate DMP management and increase compliance, ICW presents an innovative tool at the MEDICA 2005, which was developed in cooperation with 4Sigma. This tool is designed for health insurance carriers and their call centers. With the ICW CareManager, health insurance carriers can support their clients efficiently in case of health problems and thus prevent unnecessary and expensive complications.

DMP participants have to visit their doctor regularly and attend disease-related trainings. If the patient fails to submit proof of attendance for one or several DMP measures, he has to be excluded from the program pursuant to the German Risk Structure Compensation Act of statutory health insurances. This requires intense support of the DMP participants, which was tied to a lot of effort so far, because data had to be collected and processed manually. Due to the missing overview and a system, which informs the patients in due time about their next appointment, some participants may be quickly excluded from the program. This in turn increases the risk of consecutive diseases or complications and risk structure compensation funds are lost unnecessarily.

With the ICW CareManager, the DMP employees in charge can directly identify and acquire potential candidates for the different programs, contact interested parties and optimally service registered participants. They can also check the current status of the DMP measures at any time with a mouse click. With automatic test processes, the CareManager informs the staff in due time about administrative or medical irregularities. For example, if the documentation of a prescribed doctor's appointment should be missing or if the patient did not attend a training measure, the CareManager automatically informs the employee who can then investigate the matter with the physician in charge or the patient. This increases compliance and fewer patients are excluded from the DMP.

The criteria that specify when the system sends a reminder and the subsequent measures to be taken can be specified individually for each program. Flexibly designed reports and a serial letter function enable contacting the concerned patients and physicians while saving time and costs. An integrated resubmission system with to-do lists and continuous documentation of the processing steps ensure the efficient tracking of even complex cases. The CareManager can be used directly at the health insurance carrier or in an external medical call center.

Linking the ICW CareManager to the LifeSensor personal health record also enables intense case management: with the consent of the owner of a web-based record, a medical call center can document and access certain disease-related data. For a patient with chronic cardiac insufficiency, this may be blood pressure and weight, for example. If a value is outside of the specified norm, the call center employee is alarmed and can initiate further measures.

The ICW CareManager efficiently increases the compliance in disease management programs. This also enhances the medical care quality, reduces costs at the same time and results in higher payments from Risk Structure Compensation. The CareManager is displayed at the ICW exhibition stand C62 in hall 17 at the MEDICA.