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KNF Neuberger GmbH

Hygienic and highly secure

The new FL 10 diaphragm liquid pump from KNF facilitates the secure transfer of low-viscosity, aggressive and sometimes also volatile liquids. This makes it the ideal pump for handling solvents, acids and alkaline solutions for automated cleaning and disinfection.

Secure transfer of low-viscosity, aggressive cleaning agents
The key feature of the FL 10’s secure design is a sophisticated sideport that creates a reliable hydraulic connection to the purification system. The integrated NC valve function means there is no need for additional non-return valves. This function ensures that when the pump is switched off, the liquid in the line stops moving and does not flow uncontrolled through the pump head. This is the case even when the container with the cleaning agent is positioned upstream of the FL 10. Chemically resistant materials are used for all components in contact with media.

Smooth transfer of volatile cleaning fluids
The FL 10 transfers sensitive media gently. This is made possible by a resonating chamber which is integrated into the pump and absorbs turbulence caused by negative pressure peaks.

Linear and flexible flow rate adjustment
The FL 10’s flow rate of up to 100 ml/min can be linearly controlled by varying the frequency from 0–50 Hz. The priming time is also flexible and can thus be adjusted to correspond precisely to the requirements of the cleaning process over a large range of flow rates.

Fail-safe and long-lasting operation
The FL 10 is impressively durable. It can maintain its performance through 2 billion strokes and more than 10,000 hours of operation without maintenance – even when handling aggressive liquids. That makes this new diaphragm liquid pump a durable and cost-effective alternative to other pump technologies. This pump’s IP65 protection can withstand even harsh operating conditions involving jets of water, dust and dirt.

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