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Klimamed AG

Hygenical Standard with Warming Blankets to Achieve Reduction of Nosocomial Infections (SSis)

Achieve best hygenical standard with new patient warmer tech

Klimamed has made significant Steps forward in developing, manufacturing and marketing its state of the art, award-winning flagship product, the Klimamed Intelligent Patient Warming Management System. The Klimamed is a next generation temperature management system that stabilizes patient body core temperature rapidly via a unique and patented approach to warm and stabilize the patients body core temp. The Klimamed is inherently safe, easy to initiate by nursing staff, and offers precise control.
Before the introduction of the Klimamed, patient warming referred only to forced warm air and traditional warm circulating water, cotton blankets, fans, that were labor intensive to initiate and maintain and completely unreliable. The Klimamed is innovative, technologically advanced and quite unique when compared to these traditional approaches.
A growing number of clinicians using the Klimamed have a renewed belief in preventing hypothermia thru intelligent patient warming. Their published trails indicate that the Klimamed rapidly and precisely controls patient body core temperature, while being extremely easy and safe to use.
Unique Benefits of the KLIMAMED method.
• Rapid Initiation of Therapy
• Nursing staff can apply within minutes
• No specialized training or physician skills required
• Start therapy right away with automated modes
• Excellent & intelligent warming
• Rapid stabilization of body core temps
• Very precise temperature control
• Easy to use and setup, work flow optimized
• Saves Nursing Time and Labor
• Minimal nursing time required for initial application and maintenance
• Automatic Mode controls accuracy and speed of warming
• Special Jelly Skin Technology for pressure sore relief –no water messes
• No need to remove pads for X-ray, MRI or defibrillation
• Comfortable and Safe for Patients and Clinical Staff
• Non-invasive method avoids complications associated with invasive procedures
• Latex-free 100% medical grade silicone pads are skin-friendly and non-irritating
• No lifting and rolling of heavy water blankets for patient access
The KLIMAMED System consists of a control unit and its Jelly Skin Silicone matress, and reuseable various types of blankets for the pre- and post operative patient care.