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Hydro Physio Showcased at MEDICA

Following three successful years at MEDICA, Hydro Physio will be once again returning to showcase their new range of accessories designed especially for their Hydro Physio range.

During the past year Hydro Physio have made strides in developments, and now has many case studies that show the advantages of hydrotherapy within Health and Weightloss, Rehab and Mobility and Fitness and Wellbeing.

Included in the new features are underwater webcams and a range of pre-set training programmes, which allow trainers to monitor performance levels.

Providing an ideal environment for reduced weight bearing exercise, the Lifestyle can be used by people of all abilities, from the early stages of rehabilitation to the high performance training of top athletes.

With Lifestyle, patients can return to exercise sooner than conventional treatments because of decreased strain on muscles, joints and bones; resulting in quicker rehabilitation and more effective strength building. For additional control of muscle development, resistance levels on the water jets can be altered to lightly massage and soothe tender muscles.

Clinical trials, conducted by the University of Freiberg, in Germany, have revealed that this type of exercise is ideal for patients, who suffer with arterial hypertension, circulatory and cardiac disorders. It also helps overweight participants loose as much as one kilogram of weight per week.

The team of Hydro Physio, have said: “MEDICA is the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate the benefits of Lifestyle and for people to see just how innovative this type of exercise is.

“We will have a Lifestyle set up at the exhibition and we are urging people to come along and try it out. As well as the many health benefits its fun to use and has positive psychological effects on a person’s well being.”

MEDICA is taking place from 19th – 22nd November and throughout the exhibition Hydro Physio will be located in hall 5 stand 37.

Hydro Physio products meet MDD class 1 directive and are manufactured in accordance with ISO13485.

For more information visit www.hydrophysio.com