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Hybrid Baby Tape™ and Hybrid Pediatric Tape™ Providing the Right Tape for the Right Hold

B&B Medical Technologies has released The Hybrid Tape™ collection for use in all Neonatal and Pediatric care environments. Hybrid Baby Tape™ and Hybrid Pediatric Tape™ are a unique combination of tapes that combine the gentle qualities of hydrocolloid to safely adhere to tender skin with a specially formulated acrylic adhesive strip to tightly secure endotracheal tubes, NG/OG tubes, cannulas and small catheters. Latex-free and hypoallergenic, Hybrid Baby Tape™ and Hybrid Pediatric Tape™ dramatically improve the functionality, comfort and reliability of securing devices for infants and pediatric patients while improving quality of patient care, Providing the Right Tape for the Right HoldSM.

Hybrid Baby Tape™ and Hybrid Pediatric Tape™ are for use in the NICU, PICU, Labor & Delivery, OR, Emergency Department and transport environments to secure artificial airways and other vital tubes and catheters. Very low birth weight and pre-term infants, babies and pediatric patients often present with difficult endotracheal securing issues because of their delicate skin integrity, potential for copious secretions, frequent changes in position and sedation vacations. These factors often adversely affect adhesive securing ability. The Hybrid Tape™ collection delivers the best solution to secure endotracheal tubes and catheters while protecting tender skin.

Specifically designed for infant and pediatric applications, Hybrid Baby Tape™ and Hybrid Pediatric Tape™ are precut tapes that save the clinician time and enable one-person application. Hybrid Tapes are flexible yet provide firm adhesion while also absorbing exudates. The skin friendly hydrocolloid tape can easily be removed with water without damaging the skin; folding a small tab after wrapping the specialty acrylic adhesive around the endotracheal tube allows for its easy removal. The tape may be trimmed to fit individual facial contours.

Hybrid Baby Tape™, part number 11700, and Hybrid Pediatric Tape™, part number 11800, are packaged as a complete kit with two each Hybrid Tapes, two each skin preps and additional hydrocolloid strips for securing NG/OG tubes, small catheters and cannulas. B&B Medical Technologies products are designed for ease of use, simplicity of operation for the practitioner and provide cost effective solutions for healthcare institutions.

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