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Hungarian Invention- Diagon’s testing instrument has introduced at the Medica medical trade fair in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, November 16, 2011 – The latest testing instrument developed by Hungarian company Diagon may make breakthrough in the treatment of coagulation disorders. The instrument has been presented at the world's largest international medical trade fair, at Medica in Düsseldorf. Patients on anticoagulant medication who use the instrument may measure their INR level for dosage adjustment at home or at the GP instead of reporting to the laboratory for weekly blood sampling. The Hungarian patent not just offers a simpler and more convenient treatment but a significantly quicker and cheaper solution than other available technologies.
Nowadays clinical pictures traced back to coagulation disorders are considered endemic diseases in Europe and Hungary as well. Deep vein thrombosis is the third most common disorder affecting the circulatory system after coronary artery disease and stroke. One tenth of the Hungarian population is at increased risk, and 100,000 – 150,000 people suffer from severe coagulation disorder that requires continuous medical treatment. Their only protection against thrombosis is medicinal anticoagulation treatment preventing embolism. The therapy requires individual dose adjustment and continuous monitoring, so-called INR control during the entire medication period, because diet, lifestyle and other medicines may change blood coagulability. Regular (even weekly) venous blood collection in the laboratory, the trip to the lab and the waiting are difficult for many patients and cause inconveniences that influence their quality of life.
The right dosage of medicine can be measured even at home with the test and the related instrument developed by Diagon. The instrument called ”Coag S INR POC” is a great help for patients suffering from blood coagulation disorders that require regular testing, as well as for their families. The instrument is able to determine INR level from one drop of blood. INR level can be measured by the GP in the consulting room or by the nurse in the patient’s home, thus venous blood collection, the delivery of blood samples to the lab or patients’ trip to the lab will be unnecessary and the result will be available in minutes.
The instrument is easy to handle and its price is significantly lower than that of other currently available devices, enabling patients to test themselves at home just like in Switzerland, provided that the adequate expert network is established. Physicians can receive the test results via mobile communication devices and may decide on the right dose of the medication.
The invention of Diagon has been introduced at Medica, the largest international medical trade fair. The entire range of medical technology, patient care and rehabilitation, in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostics represented at the Düsseldorf trade fair. This year about 5,000 exhibitors are expected to participate at Medica from all over the world.
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