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How to manage large bedside installations with ease. Lincor Solutions (15A19)

Management Enterprise Server MES 2.0

Over the past few years, Lincor has placed significant development investment in its Enterprise Server technology, the backbone of any successful network of bedside computing devices. The technology is configured to reflect the needs of hospital management and Lincor’s years of experience in installing complex bedside computing solutions across some of the world’s largest multi-disciplinary hospitals.

Lincor’s significant development effort culminates today in the launch of new industry benchmark, MES2.0. Lincor’s MES2.0 is a feature-rich, full administration system, designed to manage large networks of bedside patient devices via a highly intuitive user-interface, ideal for the management of complex configurations.
The system uniquely combines industrial strength reliability and stability with a real-time view of vital operational information together with comprehensive reports and a new series of remote management tools. MES2.0 enables senior IT management at hospitals to efficiently control and manage large bedside installations with relative ease.

"Our management system, MES2.0, is the industry’s most comprehensive back office management system yet. It is the result of many years software development and brings the system to a new level in remote device management" commented Enda Murphy, CTO at Lincor Solutions. "We recognize that whilst demand for bedside computing devices increases so too does the need for more robust and reliable back-office infrastructures to remotely manage them. The large number of requests for clinical computing and digital entertainment at every hospital bedside calls for a system that will effectively manage this demand - MES2.0 is the response."

Please visit us at Hall 15 Stand A19 where we will be demonstrating MES 2.0 at Medica this year