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How is it going?

How is it going?
Doctors and hospital managements can follow up on the treatment of patients with Informentas
Systematic has designed Informentas as a tool to provide the hospital sector with continual follow-up on quality development.

It is a web-based system that makes data collection easy, and at the same time presents the information in ways that give a clear overview.
The system was developed in close collaboration with doctors and hospital managers.
Informentas consists of four modules that can be acquired separately:
• Designing questionnaires and patient assessments
• Data collection
• Analysis
• Reporting data to central clinical databases
Completely new possibilities for doctors and hospital managers
• Overview of results and treatments given
• Overview of changes in performance
• Better data quality when coding is close to data generation
• Collection of key data about treatment of patients
• Overview of methods used in practice
• Easy registration of research data
• Direct reporting to central and national databases
• Information from patient kiosks about the quality patients experience
• Documentation of clinical results
Can be integrated with existing systems
Informentas can be integrated with existing systems in hospitals and with central clinical databases, which means that data only has to be typed in once.

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