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German-Sino-Healthcare Group e.V. / G-S-HCG e.V.

Hospital Construction in China: Outlook and Introduction of Current Projects in Berlin

The spring meeting of the German Healthcare Export Group (GHE) e.V. in Berlin reflected the further development of the Chinese healthcare system, and therefore was an interesting milestone for many members of the G-S-HCG. The two Chinese health experts Mr. Zhang, director of division of information and consulting of the NDRC-ICC, und Professor Shen, G-S-HCG member of the board, introduced specific Chinese hospital construction projects in China. The first steps towards a comprehensive health care were already taken in the past years, aided by the experience of German medical technology.

The introduced major hospital project includes constructions for a total of 1.3 billion people and therefore includes the care of the entire population of China. The total area of the hospitals initially includes approximately 9.6 square kilometers. The planning of the training centre for specialised personnel as part of the cooperation with German medical specialists is given a high priority. Senior citizens’ centres and rehabilitation facilities form two additional important pillars of the planned expansion of health facilities. By now, 13 percent of the 1.3 billion people is older than 60 years.

However, the Chinese Government not only welcomes the training of new specialised personnel as part of the expansion of new medical centres, but also invites small and medium-sized medical technology businesses from Germany to observe the entire platform of the Chinese market growth as part of the G-S-HCG. At the conference, Mr. Zhang confirmed: “The cooperation between Germany and China can evolve even more intense and more successfully. We continue to see Germany as a good cooperation partner.”

A preparation meeting for upcoming projects is expected to take place in the period between 4th and 11th June 2012 in Peking. Further information will follow.