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Betten Malsch GmbH

Highly effective germ prevention for Malsch care and hospital beds

Multidrug-resistant (MDR) pathogens present an ever-increasing risk for care homes and hospitals. These pathogens are often found on surfaces and equipment in the patient's immediate environment. A study by Cheng et al* found that the most frequently touched items are handrails on care bed side rails, followed by bedside tables, patients’ files, bed frames, cupboards and other items.

The active surface protection offered by Malsch germstop-technology effectively stops the spread of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, such as algae and fungi, on care and clinical beds, bedside cabinets and accessories. Coated elements continuously disinfect themselves, thus preventing the settlement of hazardous germs and pathogens and their subsequent transmission to occupants and staff.

Cleaning and hygiene procedures for products featuring Malsch germstop-technology are simplified considerably, costs are reduced and hygiene risks are minimised. Surfaces are migration-free and contain neither silver ions nor nanoparticles. There is no risk to health or the environment – the treated surfaces are officially approved for direct contact with food items.

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