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Schaerer Medical AG

Highlights of Schaerer Medical AG

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A year before the 100 year anniversary of Schaerer’s operation table production, started in 1912, the company presents its highlights at MEDICA 2011. Schaerer’s philosophy reads: no compromise in quality is the attribute to be market leader – not numbers.

schaerer® arcus
The worlds most solid and versatile mobile operating table exclusively offers up to 500kg (1100lbs) static load capacity and 360kg (800lbs) dynamic load capacity in all positions, with a 1240mm (49”) x-ray window / column offset. These three major features already put the schaerer® arcus on top of the list of mobile operating tables.
…and there are more unique features which also create unbeatable value!

scharer® arcus is the most versatile, reliable and safe table for every operating room and for all medical disciplines.

Also showing:
- Digital interface and control.
- Drive unit.

Schaerer® MIS-Extension
In addition to MIS DAA hip replacement procedures, Schaerer® MIS-Extension is now also available for latest surgical procedures such as hip-arthroscopies and all lower extremity interventions such as femur and tibia trauma procedures.

Schaerer Medical AG has developped this unique system in order to offer a versatile partner for orthopaedic and trauma cases of the lower extremities.

Demo all day and on request.

scharer® axis
One of the most durable and reliable tables – the trendsetting standard being:
still offers the worlds largest no slide standard x-ray window / column offset - 1450mm (57”) with a dynamic all position load capacity of 220kg (500lbs).