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High Sensitive Detection of THC in Saliva

Rapid STAT® is a revolutionary point of collection saliva drug test. GC/MS confirmation measurements performed by the Universities of Mainz and Homburg/Saar proved that the Rapid STAT® as the first and only saliva drug test can measure the main drug parameter THC at a high sensitivity. Extract from the Professional Opinion of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz/Germany, Institute of Legal Medicine, Dr. Joerg Roehrich: “…Regarding the persons tested accurately positive in THC with the Rapid STAT® test, THC concentrations in serum of between 0,8 and 24,3 ng/ml have been found when the appropriate blood samples were examined. The average was at 7,1 ng/ml and the median at 3,1 ng/ml. It was outstanding that regarding 5 of the donors that were tested positive with the Rapid STAT® a THC-serum-level in the range of the limit value of 1ng/ml (0,8; 0,9; 1,2; 1,6; 1,7 ng/ml) was detected. This argues for a high sensitivity of the test system…”.