Meridian Life Science, Inc.

High Performance PCR Reagents for Molecular Diagnostic Assays

With the recent acquisition of Bioline, Meridian Life Science, Inc. (MLS) is now a primary commercial manufacturer and developer of a wide range of PCR reagents, including ultra-pure nucleotides and DNA polymerases. These molecular reagents are critical to the development of premium quality molecular diagnostic assays.

To learn more about High Performance DNA Polymerases and Ultra-pure Deoxynucleotides (dNTPs) for your molecular diagnostic needs, please contact us.

MyTaq™ DNA Polymerase:
New generation Taq with highest specificity and superior performance
Robust high yields across a full range of templates, including complex genomic DNA
Novel optimized buffer system with ultrapure dNTPs and MgCl2

MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase:
New generation of antibody-based hot-start polymerase
Specifically designed for fast, highly specific, hot-start PCR
Highest specificity and superior performance
Validated for a full range of genomic DNA templates
Novel optimized buffer system with ultrapure dNTPs and MgCl2

SensiFast™ for Real-Time PCR:
Faster results - under 30 minutes
Highly optimized qPCR mix for unparalleled performance in real-time PCR
Unmatched sensitivity – earliest Ct detection
Universal – compatible with all standard and fast cycling instruments

MLS Ultra-pure dNTPs:
Ultra-pure: >99.9% triphosphate by HPLC
Enzymatically synthesized
Free from PCR inhibitors
DNase, RNase, and Nickase free
Functionally tested in a wide range of assays
Custom, bulk and OEM nucleotide service

For more information including pricing and availability, please contact us at info@MeridianLifeScience.com.

*MyTaq and SensiFast are trademarks of Bioline, Inc.