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High Frequency Generator For Pain Relief // Therapy Radio Frequency Lesion // Thermo-Coagulation

Minimally invasive chronic pain treatment

The high frequency generator TherMedico NK1 has been designed for use by pain relief therapists to eliminate chronic pain and thereby enhance the quality of life for the patient. The minimally invasive thermo-coagulation procedure enables precise denervation of nerve tissue for the targeting of pain relief.

Pain becomes chronic as a result of a complex system of inter-related structural and biochemical processes whereby it is not uncommon that the autonomous nerve system is also activated. There follows, as a consequence, a chronic pain condition which persists even when the cause of the pain has long since been eliminated. Pain signals migrate from the location of their perception in the brain to the spinal marrow via specific neural pathways. This process of pain conduction can be blocked or permanently interrupted. In some cases, electro-stimulation therapy or the administration of medication in the vicinity of the spinal marrow can be helpful. The affected nerve tissue can be removed by means of a scalpel or destroyed by minimally invasive thermo-coagulation procedures.

Thermo-coagulation surgery necessitates the placement of a special cannula on the affected nerve under X-Ray control. A stimulation current is used to ascertain the correct placement position for the tip of the sensor and then treatment can begin. A high frequency electric current heats the tissue in an immediate area a few millimetres surrounding the sensor tip and this results in coagulation of the cells in that tissue. Denervation is carried out at temperatures between
80°C and 90°C. In this way, sensitive nerve fibres are destroyed selectively and the further transmission of pain is disrupted.

In addition, the TherMedico NK1 can also be used for reversible treatment by means of a pulsed RF current. In such cases the lesion temperature is a maximum 42 °C, so that damage to the nerve tissue does not occur.

The TherMedico NK1 can be used for a wide range of indications and pain relief procedures:

- chronic pain in the area of the spine (for example: facet denervation)
- chronic pain in the area of the face (for example: trigeminal neuralgia)
- tumour related pain
- vertebral disk treatment
- Pascha-Cath treatment
- pulsed treatment of peripheral nerves

In addition to the instrument itself, schwa-medico also offers the respective cannulae and thermocouples as well as subject-specific literature.

More detailed information is available during the MEDICA in Hall 4, Stand J06 or at www.schwa-medico.com or export@schwa-medico.de. Telephone contact number is +49 6443-8333 113.