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Schiller AG

High ECG Resolution, Key for More Diagnostic Possibilities

The new SCHILLER Holter Recorders Medilog AR4 and Medilog AR12 sample the ECG during recording with 4096Hz and 16Bit. Due to this high resolution, P-waves can be detected online during recording. Medilog AR12 additionally calculates a respiration curve, using the known EDR method which measures the QRS amplitude. Because of the high sampling you get in both recorders an excellent QRS detection and also very small PM spikes are detected.

Besides the routine rhythm analysis, the new Holter software Medilog® Darwin uses all this data to perform an atrial analysis were the P-Q times are graphically displayed. This gives an overview of the atrial activity during the recording. AF and AFib, as well as heart blocks can be detected at a glance.

The second new possibility is the detection of sleep apnoea with the automatic analysis of the breathing curve.

The new Fire of LifeTM HRV-Analysis offers with its high resolution and accuracy excellent views into the activity of the autonomic nervous system. The new tool is already used in sports medicine, occupational health and psychiatry, but also in the area of stress management und wellness.