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Help for diabetics: mobile coolers

Safety and reliability are top priorities – especially when it comes to the well-being of people suffering from diabetes. The total number amounts to five million in Germany alone. On a global scale, as many as 200 million people are affected, according to estimates of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Diabetics all over the world are faced with the problem of where to store their insulin vials to keep them safe and cool. Many of them are using the butter compartment or vegetable box in their refrigerators – a viable method at home, but useless on the road, on holiday or in the office. Fortunately, a better alternative is now available: the new, mobile coolers from WAECO International GmbH, globally recognised specialists in mobile refrigeration.
Found reliable in extensive quality testing, the prototypes of the innovative appliances are now on their marks, waiting for a suitable distribution partner to give the go-ahead for sales. The “mobile insulin depots” can be used just about everywhere: at home, in the office, in hotel rooms and even in the car. Their energy comes either from a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket or from a 230-volt mains socket.
The MK-03 and MK-15 mobile coolers are not only easy to use but also attractive to look at. Compact, handy, lightweight and eye-catching, they contain a very practical device: a removable medicine holder that keeps diabetes utensils cool, clean and safely in place. The MK-03 can store six to eight insulin cartridges, vials, cannulas or other accessories. Its “taller brother”, the MK-15, provides room for six to eight ready-to-use applicators or pens. Both coolers feature an electronically controlled fixed temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. Working on the principle of wear-free thermoelectrics, they provide reliable cooling up to 30 degrees below the ambient temperature.
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