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Helmut Erbe receives the Federal Cross of Merit

Helmut Erbe receives the Federal Cross of Merit
Helmut Erbe was rewarded for his entrepreneurial work, his honorary and his social commitment to the common good of the Federal Republic of Germany by being decorated for special service to the nation with the Federal Cross of Merit on the ribbon of the Order.

During the presentation of this award on 22 July 2010 on the occasion of a reception at the Villa Reitzenstein in Stuttgart, State Secretary Huber Wicker emphasized Helmut Erbe's outstanding achievements.

"The family-owned company ERBE Elektromedizin has been setting standards in the medical technical realm for years," said Wicker.

Helmut Erbe had been at the top of the company for more than 50 years and sustainably developed the company further. Improvements in health care and the optimization of medical technical processes had been at the forefront, said the State Secretary, who, during the reception, expressly thanked Mr Erbe, also in the name of the Prime Minister, for his commitment over and beyond the norm.

Image source: State Ministry Baden-Württemberg