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Heartache? enverdis CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER - Treating Patients Better

Do you already operate with a three dimensional ECG to show you the spatial structures of the electric potentials of the heart in depolarization and repolarization stages?

Do you want to offer stress free and non-invasive early detection, progress monitoring and risk screening of coronary and vascular diseases in a short time to your patients?

Cardiogoniometry can quickly identify ischemic areas three dimensionally. It graphically illustrates the spread of the electric potentials in the heart and provides extensive information about homogeneity and myocardial mass. Cardiogoniometry is a technology based on Vectorcardiography. Using 5 electrodes, spatial vector loops are constructed from 3 mutually orthogonal channels and interpreted. The accuracy of this stress-free method is comparable to that of stress-inducing and time-consuming Ergometry. As such it improves resource utilization.

When combined with the various integrated software modules, the CARDIOLOGIC EXPLORER will help you to reach diagnostic conclusions you previously thought almost impossible.


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