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Healthy heart choices for everyone, everywhere

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With the healthy heart selfie campaign WHF wants to set a statement;©

Diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as heart failure, coronary heart disease and heart attack are among the most common diseases and often lead to death. Therefore, the international World Heart Day informs about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart every year.

The World Heart Day is an initiative of the World Heart Federation (WHF) and combines international heart foundations and cardiology societies from over 100 countries. The awareness day was initiated in 2000. Since then, it takes place every year on 29th September and it mainly focuses on awareness-raising campaigns that deal with the question of what each individual can do to prevent risks for cardiovascular disease.

Prevention is essential

Many people do not keep in mind that cardiovascular diseases are already favored by early physical inactivity, unhealthy food or smoking. They are not, as one might think, a purely age-related phenomenon. In addition, these factors are the most common causes of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

People who maintain a healthy lifestyle from the beginning reduce the risk to come down with heart diseases sooner or later. This includes for example doing sports regularly, a healthy nutrition and abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes. In addition, stress should be avoided or balanced out with sufficient resting periods. However, not only individual life factors are crucial for heart health. The environment plays a role too.

A symbol goes around the world

This year, the WHF wants to set a statement and calls for a healthy heart selfie campaign. Make a photo of yourself and show the heart symbol (see symbol picture). You can share your contribution via Twitter and Facebook.

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