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Health risk PAD? Calculate the ABI with the enverdis VASCULAR EXPLORER

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) often precedes cardiovascular disorders which may have dramatic consequences for the patient. Several studies have shown that the ABI (Ankle-Brachial-Index) is an essential test for early diagnosis of PAD. With the VASCULAR EXPLORER accurate measurement of the ABI is possible, instead of performing a time consuming and potentially inconsistent Doppler examination.

The unique feature of this system is a new and reliable method of measuring the occlusion pressures, which matches the current gold standard Doppler measurement for precision. It allows faster, automated and objectively taken examinations. The correlation coefficient for results measured by this method to the ABIs measured by Doppler method is 0.95. Compare that with the only other automated technology – oscillometric measurement - which achieves only 0.4-0.7 correlation coefficient vs. the Doppler measurement. For accurate, consistent and efficient plethysmographic measurement, the VASCULAR EXPLORER is in a league of its own.

Do you want to offer such a stress free and non-invasive early detection, progress monitoring and risk screening of coronary and vascular diseases to your patients?

The VASCULAR EXPLORER allows you the easy and automated analysis of pressure for the diagnosis of PAD.


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