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Health Enterprises, Inc.

Health Enterprises Promotes 1st Aid Finger Care

Health Enterprises, Inc., a leading manufacturer of niche health care products, is promoting two innovative first aid products at MEDICA - Finger Injury System & Finger Buddies - for the treatment of minor finger injuries.

The Finger Injury System treats the 1st two stages of finger injuries. In Stage 1 a custom designed finger gel pack provides cold therapy to reduce swelling and relieve pain. In Stage 2 a comfort splint protects the recovering finger while immobilization is needed. Additionally, the finger gel pack can be warmed to provide targeted relief for arthritic fingers.

The Finger Buddies treat Stage 3 – helping to protect and support jams and sprains that do not require a finger splint. The Finger Buddies offer consumers a better way to ‘buddy-tape’ injured fingers. In comparison to tape, the Finger Buddies are easy-to-use, adjustable, reusable, and comfortable.

Health Enterprises, Inc. is a worldwide leader dedicated to developing innovative niche healthcare products to better meet consumer needs. Health Enterprises’ products are sold under its Acu-Life® and Private Label brands in pharmacies, supermarkets, and mass merchants around the globe. For more information about Health Enterprises and its complete product line, please visit

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