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Health Enterprises, Inc.

Health Enterprises Offers Innovative Hearing Aid Cleaner and Dehumidifier

Health Enterprises, Inc. a leading niche healthcare manufacturer offers two innovative Hearing Aid products to help prevent costly repairs and improve sound quality by removing earwax and moisture.

The Audio-Kit™ Hearing Aid Cleaner is the only product designed for easy, effective daily hearing aid cleaning. The Audio-Kit™ works with all hearing aids and features five cleaning tools built into an easy to use, ergonomic handle for people of all ages. The tools include a Wax Removal Brush and Pick, Tube & Vent Cleaner, Battery Door opener and Battery Replacement Magnet.

The Dri-Eze™ Hearing Aid Dehumidifier utilizes an innovative ‘built-in’ desiccant lining that is guaranteed to remove damaging daily moisture for 6-months from first use. In addition to removing moisture, Dri-Eze™ provides a safe, convenient location for storing hearing aids.

“Research indicates that 75% of all hearing aid repairs are due to earwax and moisture. Almost 100% of these repairs are preventable with proper daily maintenance. We developed the Audi-Kit™ and Dri-Eze™ to provide consumers with effective, easy-to-use and affordable products that help prevent repairs through proper daily use,” said Brendan Leonard, president of Health Enterprises.

Health Enterprises, Inc. is a leading supplier of branded and private label consumer healthcare products sold in retailers across the globe. For more information about Health Enterprises and its complete product line, visit


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