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ADE (GmbH & Co.)

Health- and Weight Consciousness

Weight Control for a healthier and longer life

It needs discipline yes, a strong will yes, and a reliable scale yes.

It is no fun at all no, it is hard to reach and impossible to maintain no, it spoils your social life no way!

Slimming is not easy but helps to increase self-consciousness and satisfaction. It needs a strong will and assistance from people having overcome overweight already but also from people suffering the same situation. And it needs a reliabale scale which initially might be the most dangerous enemy but can easily become the best friend in some cases even a friend forever.

In this particular case ade can be of help choosing the right 'partner'
Under you simply click under consumer and there you are in between such a big variety of different models that you can hardly believe it. This is the only time for you to suffer during your slimming process.

Take your time to select the right model and if you need advice just send an e-mail asking for it.
Once having found your partner you will stick together fighting each gram and kilo and once you are successful together it is fun fun fun!

Pretty sure you will stick to your partner however, it will be a challenge for you to ignore all the beautiful and powerful brothers and sisters forming part of the ade family of scales.