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Unify GmbH & Co. KG

Harmonized Communication for Maximum Performance in Healthcare

Harmonize Your Enterprise! That’s our theme not only for  MEDICA 2013, and we would like to welcome you to this industry event from 20 - 23 November 2013 in Duesseldorf, where you will find us – first time at an event of that kind – under our new company brand Unify.

Voice, instant messaging, web collaboration, video conferencing – today’s communications technologies are evolving. And they’re having a dramatic impact on working practices across the health sector.
Flexibility, mobility and collaboration are now as critical to positive patient outcomes as they are to organizational efficiencies and cost control. But cutting-edge communications don’t simply accelerate the performance of your virtual teams. They’re giving you more time at the point of care, reducing risk and enhancing patient care and well-being.

Also under our new corporate brand Unify, it remains our daily mission to simplify communication in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, to enable our customers to take a maximum benefit of the latest communication technology.

At this year's MEDICA we will provide you a live experience how harmonized communication supports your daily work and patient outcomes in healthcare.
Whether at your desk or on the go: The efficient exchange of information accelerates the response to time- critical and often life-critical events, allows the seamless collaboration of distributed teams and ensures the highest quality of health care. And it doesn’t need to be difficult for the users.
Here at Unify we are driving these communication innovations, synchronizing technologies, harmonizing the user experience and weaving communications directly into your daily operations of doctors, nursing staff and all other employees.
That’s the power of OpenScape Health Connect, our communication suite for healthcare.

Harmonized and secure networks are the foundation for high performance and efficiency. Beyond our comprehensive network and security infrastructure portfolio, we present this year how mobile identity and access management, and especially its integration with mobile device management, help the IT department of hospitals to face and effectively overcome the challenges of BYOD concepts.

At the point-of -Care HiMed provides harmonized entertainment, information and communication. With  the new user interface design individually adaptable by the customer, the Cockpit IP is a flexible platform to offer value-added services, such as TV , Internet and communication with friends and family via phone or video chat, which contributes significantly to the patient’s recovery.
Our IP Cockpits are not only the patient portal for direct access to all information about the hospital stay and treatment. They also serve the medical staff as an always available and secure platform to access the essential hospital applications at the patient bedside.

Please give us the opportunity to convince you of the power of OpenScape Health Connect – live at Medica 2013. We look forward to welcoming you at our joint booth with Siemens Healthcare in Hall 10 (Booth A20), and with Siemens Industry in Hall 14 (Boot B47).