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Intronix Technologies Corporation

Handheld Needle-EMG Guided Injection System

Myoguide, a powerful ally in the palm of your hand

Toronto, Sept. 22 – Intronix Technologies Corporation will unveil “Myoguide”, their new injection-site targeting handheld device at MEDICA 2009, November 18-21 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Clinicians use Myoguide to locate areas of hyperactive muscle fibers for treatment. These sites are often the source of pain and other hidden disorders. The multifunction Myoguide includes a single-channel EMG amplifier with stimulator, signal display with analysis, and EMG audio.

“Myoguide is particularly useful for needle-EMG guided injection applications carried out by neurologists and other clinicians such as otolaryngologists, and physiatrists,” explains Dr. Evan Friedman, Intronix CEO and founder of the 25-year-old company. “It makes injections of neuromodulators such as Botox©, Myoblock©, and Dysport© – used for the management of pain, movement disorders, spastic muscle management and cosmetic applications – much more accurate.”

Myoguide houses an innovative injection site targeting system that gives users superior ability to see and hear EMG signals, display real time analyzed EMG, and use stimulation location.

Myoguide’s more accurate injection site targeting has other advantages and benefits that:

• integrate several systems into one convenient, highly portable unit

• help identify involved muscles by pre-injection physiopathological evaluation, or pre-intervention evaluation – either by EMG or stimulation location – which may, in turn,

• lead to potentially reducing drug dosages and hence, drug diffusion at sites surrounded by essential nerves and blood vessels. Reduced dosages can contribute to reduced future drug resistance

• heed recent United States Food and Drug Agency (FDA) reviews underlining the need to increase accuracy when injecting neuromodulators to avoid dangerous peripheral effects.

In short, Myoguide helps make treatment more beneficial.

To see how it works, or simply for more information on the new Myoguide, please visit us at MEDICA 2009 Düsseldorf, Germany: Hall 16 (Canadian Pavilion), Booth G 42 November 18-21, 2009.

Intronix Technologies Corporation