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HUDSON Institute established assay for early detection of preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a serious disorder of human pregnancy with the risk of a premature birth and lifethreatening
blood pressure of the mother. The adjustment of the blood pressure as well as the
measurement of the excreted protein in urine is of great importance and the early detection of
preeclampsia is still a field of extensive research.
“Our major goals are to develop strategies for early detection and treatment of pre-eclampsia, a
life-threatening disorder of human pregnancy. In addition, we are interested in the long-term health
consequences of placental insufficiency and pregnancy diseases,” says Prof. Guiying Nie from
Hudson institute of Medical Research’s Implantation and Placental Development research group.
She and her team developed a HtrA3 isoform specific ELISA for the early detection of
preeclampsia (1) and a test system for HtrA4 (2).
The ELISAs were validated using the difficult to express HtrA family proteins (high temperature
required factor A) HtrA1, HtrA3 and HtrA4 that were purchased from the BioTeZ GmbH. “We are
glad to be able to provide valuable reagents for basic research. This helps us to develop new
products which can be translated into real innovations for the health sector” says Dr. Anca
Marksteder scientist, working for the protein expression facility at BioTeZ.
Preeclampsia can be divided into subtypes of early onset (<34 weeks of gestation) and late onset
(>34 weeks). The recently published study examined serum levels of HtrA3 isoforms (Long form,
L; total form, T) at 11-13 weeks of gestation in patients who subsequently developed preeclampsia
in the 3rd trimester. The results show that compared with controls, the patient’s developed lateonset
preeclampsia and had significantly higher levels of HtrA3-L, whereas those who developed
early-onset preeclampsia had significantly lower ratios of HtrA3-L/HtrA3-T. This data supports the
utility of the HtrA3 ELISAs for early detection of preeclampsia.

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