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HS CRP quantitative visual test

The CrP Rapid Test Strip (Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma) is used for semi-quantitative determination and monitoring of CrP concentrations in whole blood/serum/plasma specimens.

C-reactive Protein (CrP) in patient’s sera has been found in association with acute infections, necrotic conditions and a variety of inflammatory disorders. There is a strong correlation between serum levels of CrP and the onset of the inflammatory process. Monitoring the levels of CrP in patient’s sera indicates the effectiveness of treatment and the assessment of patient recovery. It is used in particular to differentiate bacterial infections from virus infections.

We offer 2 lines, 3 lines and 4 lines immunochromatographic test for CRP detection. Only 10 10 µL sample are needed and test only takes 5 min.

The 2 lines test is applied on Qiagen reader for quantitative reporting, the 3 and 4 lines tests are visual.

The test was calibrated against the international human CRP reference standard of the WHO 85/506. The detection limit of the CRP Test is adjusted to10 μg/ml

In such a way that a concentration of 10 μg/ml in the undiluted specimen material after dilution with the supplied buffer yields a positive red line.

If the undiluted specimen contains more than 40 μg/ml CRP, a second red line appears. With concentrations higher than 80 μg/ml CRP, a third red line appears.

These concentration ranges could be confirmed in comparison to a quantitative reference test.

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