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HMM Diagnostic Equips Cyclist with Mobile Medical Data Technology

The "mHealth Grand Tour" is a challenging bike ride, no bike race. It leads in 13 days, 2,100 km and 22,000 meters altitude difference from Brussels to Barcelona. During the tour, innovative solutions to manage the challenge of diabetes are demonstrated. Devices, applications and solutions to address the diabetes and related diseases, monitor the drivers during the stages. Mobile communication can impressively prove its efficiency for the healthcare. Data transfer will be provided by devices of HMM Diagnostics GmbH, with which the driver will be equipped by Orange. The vital parameters determined during the drive are automatically transmitted over HMM’s “hFon collect” via ANT + and GSM mobile communications into the respective patient database and evaluated by medical professionals.

To accelerate the development and deployment of embedded devices and mHealth solutions the mHealth Grand Tour starts at September 05, 2013 in Brussels. Finish is September,18 in Barcelona. The Grand Tour brings diabetes patients and the mobile and healthcare industry together. The possibility of using appropriate technology enables people despite diabetes to enjoy a healthy and active life. Beside HMM Diagnostics GmbH the telecommunications company Orange, the Continua Health Alliance, MedTechEurope and Ublox are beside others part of the sponsors.

What is mHealth?

Mobile Healthcare solutions can improve the lives of millions of people all over the world and help to overcome some of the major health challenges today, such as diabetes. Governments and insurance companies are looking for solutions for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. A particular problem in developing countries is the lack of widespread availability of diagnostics. mHealth is a viable and inexpensive solution.

Maher Khoury, CEO of HMM Diagnostics: "The Grand Tour is a test for our unique devices. The athletes test our technology in all conceivable situations. During the journey, the medical instruments transmit determined data by the ANT + standard to our thumb-sized hFon collect device. This small device sends data via GSM mobile of our partner Orange to the patient record. The measured values are important for health monitoring of the pedaling patients and for parallel scientific studies. My team and I look forward to the challenge. "

About HMM

The HMM Group is an independent, research and manufacturing company with headquarters in Dossenheim near Heidelberg. The main activity of the company is the development, production and marketing of healthcare products and services.

The HMM Group was founded in 2004 and includes the HMM Holding AG, HMM HMM Diagnostics GmbH and distribution company. Main products of the Group are the HMM smartLAB product family the hFon series, hLine, and the online portal