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Hivox Biotek Inc.

HIVOX BIOTEK INC. - World Leading Medical Manufacturer

An Excellent OEM/ODM Professional Creates An Enormous Business to You

HIVOX Innovation Brightens Pain Relief History In 2010, HIVOX launched a brand-new invention ‘‘pennypad – Electro Pain Relief Pad’’, it successfully amazed everyone at the time and led the pain relief treatment to a new era in 21st century. A brilliant idea was inspired by blending a concept of pain relief patch & electric stimulator. It’s developed by a clinical research backup of TENS technology to provide you a safe, simple & effective pain relief treatment. Meanwhile, it supports you a remarkable pain management for your beautiful life.

Distributed Over 10,000 stores & 1,000,000 units

Electro Pain Relief Pad - pennypad is absolutely a breakthrough innovation beyond current pain relief solution. It's such as a door hammer to sell-through every store in the world. For many decades, OTC pain relief treatments were displayed on the shelves without any new category which can rapidly relieve your pain with non side affect & non-allergic reaction. Since pennypad launched, this excellent product incredibly keeps extending business among importers, distributors and pharmacies. Up to 2013, HIVOX has already rapidly distributed this brand-new product over 10,000 worldwide stores and sold over 1 million units with honors.