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HEYER Medical has Obtained Exclusive Marketing Rights for Xenon Capable Anesthesia Unit


Bad Ems, Germany – November 1st, 2008 –Based on an agreement with TAEMA, a member of Air Liquide Group – France, HEYER Medical has obtained exclusive marketing rights for Xenon capable anesthesia unit, to be sold under HEYER`s TM VentOR Dual, covering the German speaking countries.

In more then 200 clinical tests in German clinics using the VentOR DUAL, the efficiency of the rare gas Xenon as an anesthetic was proven.

The VentOR DUAL itself convinced due to the low consumption of Xenon, its user friendliness as well as the exact controllability of the inhalation anesthetic. This device was optimized, in close cooperation with the anesthetist of the clinics involved. The use of Xenon gas reduced the stress level of the patient to a minimum.

Additional advantages for the patient:

Anesthesiologists’ report that in comparison with usual anesthetics, Xenon has shown less side effects, Due to the low side effect profile, Xenon gas appears to cause less strain on general organ function, allowing the patient to regain consciousness quicker, independent of age or length of surgical intervention. During anesthesia the circulatory systems remains stable, of particular importance for high risk patients.

Additionally with Xenon being a “natural” gas it is not harmful to the environment.

VentOR DUAL provides increased patient safety, a healthier working environment in the OR, improved economics and responsible use of resources.

By introducing the VentOR DUAL HEYER Medical will strengthen its core competence and expand its position in the medical technology field.