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HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

HEINE has extended the LED HQ Series

  • HEINE® LED LoupeLight with HR 2.5 x Binocular Loupes – The perfect match for the most accurate examination.

  • HEINE® LED MicroLight - Illumination without compromises, in a lightweight design.

  • HEINE® ML 4 LED HeadLight - Compact, ergonomic design without compromises.

  • HEINE SIGMA® 250 Indirect Ophthalmoscope - Spectacle-mounted lightweight with a multitude of benefits.


Light intensity is measured in Lux, at the defined working distance of the instrument. Each HEINE LED instrument has been engineered to provide the optimal illumination that is ideally suited for the application. Depending on the application the LED either is preset to the optimum brightness or can be continuously adjusted in light intensity.

The HEINE LEDs have been synchronized with the precision HEINE Optical systems in each instrument to ensure an absolutely homogeneous distribution of light across the entire field of view, including the edges. The result is high contrast, distortion free images with no distracting reflexes, shadows, or disturbing ‘hot-spots’.

The CRI (Colour Rendering Index) indicates how exactly colours are reproduced in comparison with daylight. The closer this number is to a maximum of 100, the more accurate the lighting system is, meaning that colours are displayed in their natural state. Red is red. Blue is blue. HEINE LED instruments have exceptionally high CRI values to ensure the examiner sees the colours as they are, for the most reliable and accurate diagnosis.

LEDs will only perform at their optimum level in very specific temperature ranges. Operating outside the specified temperature range will affect brightness, colour temperature as well as result in reduction in lifetime and reliable performance over time. Instrument design and special materials such as ceramics, heat conducting foils, heat dissipating bonding materials and aluminium heat sinks are utilised to ensure that the LEDs always operate at the ideal temperature, ensuring consistent performance and a long life.

High quality LEDs that are tailored to and properly integrated into the operating environment have a virtually unlimited working life. HEINE LED instruments are virtually maintenance free, with no need to ever exchange the LED. In addition, the high efficiency of LEDs and low power consumption means extended use times and longer battery life.