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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

HD-LED Brand new technology from Brandon Medical

Brandon Medical will be the first company in the world to launch a range of surgical lights using an innovative HD-LED technology and will showcase the products at the Healthcare Estates Exhibition this October.

HD-LED is a brand new breakthrough technology with substantially better performance than standard LED.
HD-LED lighting is unique because it is the first LED lighting system to have perfect colour rendering across the full visible spectrum. This means the light reflects colours that are noticeably more vivid and clear in comparison to other lighting technologies.
The beams of light projected by HD-LED lights also produce a much larger illuminated surface area in comparison to regular LEDs.

HD-LED lights also have a unique red colour balance feature. The red LEDs in HD-LED lights allow red coloured tissues to be easily differentiated. The intensity of these red LEDs are also designed to be adapted to suit surgeons own red vision, ensuring maximum accuracy during surgery.

HD-LED lights are incredibly efficient by using less than a third of the energy used by conventional lighting and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 60%.
Unlike other energy saving lamps, HD-LED lights don’t contain polluting substances such as Mercury, Cadmium and Lead and they don’t use harmful substances such as Halogens, POPs, CFCs and VOCs.

In addition to Medical Lighting, Brandon Medical offer a wide range of products, including Medical Architectural Equipment, Control and Power Systems, Medical AV Systems all of which will be displayed at the exhibition.