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HCG Quantitative Determination by one Multitest

HCG panel test device : an innovative device, CE certified, to quantitative measure in just 5 minutes the HCG level in urines and, consequently, in blood stream.

The quantisation of the HCG is a very useful aid for gynaecologist as it can help, for example, to:
· monitor the very early stages of pregnancy and understand if foetus is growing well every week when no other tests can be performed such as low cost, one simple step and know result within few minutes
· diagnose ectopic pregnancy
· understand, in case of abortion, if it was complete or not
· detect the presence of other pathologies connected with raised HCG levels.

The device consists in 5 strips having cut - off levels of 25, 100, 500, 2000 and 10.000 mIU / ml. Results diagrams on the instruction for use allow easy and reliable interpretation.