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H2AD Top 20 Global Telemedicin Player

Since 2006, H2AD offers in France a 24/7 fully integrated telemedicin service. These solutions (Remote consultation, Regulation, Coordination, Remote assistance, Remote Monitoring) allowed us to win the very first Public and Private RFPs in eHealth and build use cases replicable worldwide.

Our repository is fully compliant with «Ruby on rails» framework enabling very quick multi-hosts and multi-language deployment. (computers, tablets, smartphones), which quite revolutionnary in this business.

For instance, deployment anywhere on the planet where there is available a GSM data access is immediate.

Our functionnal positionning (Low Cost, Open, Wireless, Worldwide) included by H2AD in its design steps insures a significant compatitve advantage.

The recently published survey by BERG INSIGHT about Global Solutions for Remote Monitoring and Telemedicin sets H2AD among the top 20 global actors alongside with large players like INTEL,GENERAL ELECTRIC, PHILIPS, TUNSTALL, AEROTEL, BOSCH, HONEYWELL…