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Groundbreaking engineering techniques

The National Centre for Product Design and Development Research (PDR) has recently become one of the first design and development centres in the UK to offer the latest breakthrough in 3D technology to businesses.

As the first portable, hand-held scanning device on the market the 3D Handiscan allows users to capture data in a single continuous scan, and generate digital models from any physical shape or form in a record-breaking timeframe and accuracy.

The application of such advanced technology has significant implications for automated reverse engineering, with the ability to re-create complex products or components which would have been impossible to achieve through conventional engineering and design methods. It is also ideal for emerging applications such as the production of customised devices and automatic recreation of legacy parts.

PDR, widely recognized as a European leader in the fields of product design and production, is unique in it’s concentration of leading-edge facilities and knowledge, and has always maintained a history of revolutionary application of the very latest technologies and processes.

It is one of just 3 companies in the UK to own a Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Machine, and the only company in the UK to offer it commercially. As the only machine to make it possible to produce 100% dense stainless steel parts from custom metal powder, the SLM machine can achieve the finest details such as thin vertical walls of less than 100 µm.

Jarred Evans, Commercial Manager PDR commented, “this is reflective of our philosophy to offer world class expertise and cutting-edge technologies all under one roof. We are continuously investing heavily in prototyping and batch manufacturing technologies to work with data submitted or created at PDR to offer a range of solutions to companies who require anything from 1 to 5,000 parts per annum quickly and accurately. By offering capabilities that are unique to PDR, we aim to provide creative and practical solutions that add value to our client’s offering and help them prosper in the most profitable, competitive and cost effective way”.

PDR has the resources and capabilities to take products from concept to successful production and launch all in-house. Services offered include research and analysis, product design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and graphics design and branding. For further information contact Angela Spiteri on 02920 416725.