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Randox Laboratories Ltd.

Ground-Breaking Biochip Analyser for Onsite Drug Testing

The Evidence MultiStat analyser is a fully automated, bench-top system with a state of the art touch screen interface, just one of its many ground breaking features. Users can benefit from the ability to detect up to 97 drug metabolites in one patient sample, in as little as twenty minutes. The straightforward procedure offers efficient testing which can be carried out with minimal training.

This new development brings the well established Biochip Array Technology to the point of care market, offering a higher level of information than ever achieved from a rapid drug screen.

Randox have invested heavily in this advancement for onsite drug testing, in response to an increasing market demand. The Evidence MultiStat analyser utilises Biochip Array Technology, a multiplexing methodology which has been well-received in the clinical and forensic toxicology market over the last decade. Randox identified a gap in the market for a diagnostic grade point of care system, which could provide rapid testing without compromising quality and accuracy. Another unique feature of the analyser, which many onsite drug testing systems on the market currently lack is its ability to automatically generate quality control data, ensuring optimum performance and reliable results.

Primarily the Evidence MultiStat has been adopted in hospital emergency departments, with Biochip Array Technology ensuring fast and accurate results, leading to better patient treatment. In addition, the Randox range of Evidence biochip analysers offer an unrivalled test menu for toxicology screening and pain management.