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Longterm Medical US, LLC

GridTracer Film Dressings with Traceable Grid

Today at Medica, Longterm Medical US announced immediate availability of GridTracer film dressings, enabling distributors of Wound Care products the immediate opportunity to have a private labeled film dressing, with a removable Grid that is used to trace the outline of the wound and then stored in the patient file.

“There are very few options out there for private label dressings like ours, as we cover the whole range of products, from basic Wound Care to Advanced Wound Care dressings, all under a single roof. Offering this type of advanced dressing in any size required for Private Label is really a game changer too, and will provide any company in the business a basis for competing favorably with the very few name brand manufacturers out there.” said Brad Skipper, Executive Vice President at Longterm Medical.

Positive Customer Impact
Many customers have already benefited from our OEM capabilities for Ostomy and Advanced Wound Care products and have significantly enhanced their margins using our high quality, lower cost products. It is our goal to offer our customers the best value proposition for private label in these categories, anywhere in the world.

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