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Greatly Improving the Safety of Multiple IV Infusions- The Coventry Valve

The Coventry Valve (Triple IV Peripheral Connector Set)

Originally designed for the Obstetric setting (due to its high- flow gravity valve), it is now increasingly used for multiple connections in a wide range of settings whereby rapid infusions might be needed at any time.

Main features:

It is light and compact – for minimal stress at the cannula site and reduces the risk of phlebitis

Eliminates potential for back-flow (it is fully valved) – no bolus

Features a high-flow valve, allowing the Nurse Specialist to opt for fast flow rate when required

Has an anti-kink sleeve to prevent occlusion of the distal line

Is very competitively priced

Can be incorporated into your own dedicated ‘sliding scale’ IV custom Diabetic Pack including your own protocols, etc.

The Coventry Valve offers important safety advantages over standard three-way stopcocks or the practice of using two cannulae.

We believe that this IV product is perfect for the diabetic ward or EAA setting.