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Good things can get even better!

First released in 2001, the AT235h clinical middle ear analyzer (the “h” indicates the additional high-frequency probe tones) has a proven track record for reliability and a solid reputation worldwide. This year a number of features have been updated which make it an extremely attractive choice for both clinical and screening purposes.

With manual and automatic test modes, programmable test sequences for tympanometry, acoustic reflex and reflex decay testing, plus intelligent pump and probe features, it has become the ideal tool for impedance testing in most situations. It can even function as an air-conduction-only, pure tone screening audiometer when needed.

The AT235h is designed for speed and convenience:

The intelligent pump system automatically compensates for slight pressure leaks, completing the test for as long as the required pressure can be maintained. It also modifies pump speed according to tympanogram gradient, ensuring accurate peak compliance readings even at high speed. And there is a manual mode for those who prefer it.

The unique exchangeable probe system allows a screening (pencil) probe to be replaced with a clinical probe in seconds. The AT235h will automatically recognize the change and adjust the calibration values.