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TRUMPF Medizin Systeme GmbH + Co. KG

Good Service for the Whole Life of the Product

“Today I am going to present a workshop for surgeons. Next week I will be in Norway for a product training session”. Christian Tebel’s appointment calendar is full. But the head of the Trumpf Professional Services Department usually finds a solution. “One of my employees will take over the product training scheduled at the same time for our customers in Hamburg”. The clinic recently bought several TRUMPF operating tables. There have already been product trainings but the staff would also like a TRUMPF employee to train new colleagues on site.
In addition to innovative technologies, TRUMPF offers an extensive line of service for the lifetime of its products. Custom designed services ensure safety and cost effectiveness. This begins with comprehensive advance consultation. “Interested persons can see and test our products both at trade shows and in our showrooms all over the world," explains Managing Director Dr. Kordt Griepenkerl. “In addition, we stay in contact with hospitals that show their installations to visitors. This is a good way for us to interest them in our products with a live demonstration.” On request, TRUMPF can set up test installations in their own clinics.
Since the decision to make a purchase often depends on financing, TRUMPF offers individualized financing and leasing possibilities that give hospitals more room to manoeuvre their investments. In that way, they do not have to lock themselves into a single product for a number of years. Rather, they can keep up with technological developments and still protect their liquidity. Cost transparency and budget security are increased, since investment costs and profits run in parallel.
TRUMPF service contracts are also flexible. Different service packages respond to the plans and requirements of the hospitals. A worldwide network assures customers of the fastest possible technical service. Local service and parts supply are just as quick and reliable. However, TRUMPF does not just concentrate on technical support. “We train all users according to their needs and introduce them to every product,” says Tebel. “In order to increase patient safety, it is important to us that our products provide optimal support for the hospital’s work.”