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Go-live for the online shop of Dunkermotoren

Go-live for the online shop of Dunkermotoren

 As of the beginning of 2016, Dunkermotoren is providing its customers the possibility to order Dunkermotoren products online. With the Dunkershop it is now easier for both businesses and private customers to order products from Dunkermotoren.

The products offered in the Dunkershop include brushless and brushed DC motors, AC motors, venetian blind motors as well as linear systems.  Utilizing Dunkermotoren’s long-standing, modular construction system, there are also many accessories such as encoders and brakes as well as gearboxes and controllers available in the online shop.  The lead times for these stock products are typically just a few business days.

With the launch of the Dunkershop, Dunkermotoren has created an additional distribution channel, giving its customers the choice of ordering directly online or traditionally through the local sales offices.  Payment of Dunker products can be made via PayPal or payment on invoice.

Today, the online shop is active for customers of the countries Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Austria.  Additional countries are planned as well.

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