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Glycated hemoglobin hand held meter

Suitable for clinics, small lab, diabetes doctor office, primary healthcare center, remote place.
Innovative, portable HbA1c analyzer with kits based on Boric acid affinity chromatography technology. It is NGSP, IFCC certified and CE marked.
This small meter ( only 59 grams) allows detection of A1c on fingertip whole blood in 5 minutes and it is ideal for diagnosis of diabetes, therapy monitoring and screening of risk population.
The use of such a POC meter allows for timely decisions on therapy changes and reduce complications.
• Handheld, battery operated
• Calibration and maintenance not required
• 5 microliter fingertip blood sample , no pre treatment
• Reagents stable at room temperature
• Results in 5 minutes
• Accuracy up to 97% compared with laboratory test
• %CV less than 4%
• Excellent correlation with HPLC method

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