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Get Real Health named a top 6 up-and-coming healthcare IT company by healthcare informatics

The company’s patient-engagement platform—InstantPHR®—is getting this rising star noticed across the United States and the globe.

Rockville, Maryland (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

Get Real Health has been named one of the healthcare IT industry’s Top 6 Up-and-Comers by Healthcare Informatics, a leading publication of the healthcare IT industry. The selective list recognizes those companies that “have caught the attention of investors and analysts by addressing pressing needs in the industry with elegant, sophisticated solutions.”

Get Real Health is an award-winning global health IT pioneer specializing in patient engagement and connected care solutions. Its flagship product—InstantPHR®—is a toolbox for creating and customizing personal health applications to give patients and their providers electronic access to medical records and make it easier to track health outcomes. Hospital systems and other providers across the nation have been adopting InstantPHR as their platform of choice because its easy customization and ability to integrate with other software programs.

“We built InstantPHR with the patient squarely in the center,” said Mark Heaney, CEO of Rockville, Md.-based Get Real Health. “Historically, patient data was something that was kept at arm’s length from the patient. Fortunately, that’s changing. The federal government recognizes the need for patients to be an informed participant in their healthcare, and we recognized the need to create a platform that allows that to happen. That’s exactly what InstantPHR does.”

Not only has InstantPHR been adopted by 239 hospitals nationwide, serving 17 million patients, but it is now being exported globally as well. InstantPHR is already in the European Union, Canada and Australia with planned expansion into the Middle Eastern and South American markets this year.

“The international demand for InstantPHR demonstrates that the need for patient-centered engagement solutions is not unique to the U.S. healthcare system,” said Heaney. “Increasingly, hospitals and providers globally recognize that engaged patients are healthier patients. That in turn reduces costs. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Get Real Health’s success is particularly impressive given that it started just 13 years ago in the basements and on the dining room tables of its three founders—Heaney, Robin Wiener and Jason Harmon. Today, it employs more than 70 people and has become a leader in the healthcare IT field for patient engagement, as evidenced by the fact that, earlier this year, Farzad Mostashari, M.D., the former National Coordinator for Health IT of the United States, joined Get Real Health’s board of directors. In addition, executives from the company have been invited several times to the White House to advise the administration on policies related to healthcare IT.

Said Heaney, “I think our growth and subsequent recognition demonstrates that we’ve hit upon a real need in the industry. We’re filling a hole that has been there for a long time, and we’re doing it in a way that makes it easy for hospitals, providers and patients to use. This is only going to become more important as healthcare continues to evolve to make the patient a more active participant in the whole process.”

About Get Real Health
Rockville, Maryland-based Get Real Health is an award-winning global health information technology pioneer specializing in patient engagement and connected care solutions. Get Real Health’s flagship product — InstantPHR® — is an electronic toolbox for creating and customizing personal health applications. Get Real Health has a diverse global customer base and strategic partnerships with industry leaders including Microsoft, Caradigm, Telstra Health and TELUS Health Solutions. Visit: http://www.getrealhealth.com, or watch a two-minute video at http://vimeo.com/86727501 to learn more.