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German Nationwide Medical Industry Business Plan

Contest Begins in March 2008
The nationwide Medical Industry Business Plan Contest begins in spring, on 1 March 2008. The objective of the contest is to compile a complete business plan from medical industry business ideas in just three months, and thereby to simplify the founding of enterprises. The business plan is produced as the most important basis for financing discussions, management of the new enterprise and planning of business development within the framework of a competition, with the support of mentors and specialists. Immediately after the contest has ended, a top-class jury decides on the award of more than 60,000 euro in prize money. Already a new record is in sight for the number of participants at MEDICA.
Medical technology, life sciences and prevention, rehabilitation, wellness, and nutrition services are the highlighted themes of the nationwide Medical Industry Business Plan Contest. The contest addresses people with a product or business idea in the state, just before founding a company, and in the first year of existence of an enterprise, helping them to draft and continually improve their business plan. This is how successful enterprises and new jobs are created in the medical industry, which is a branch of the future.
The Medical Industry Business Plan Contest supports participants intensively. Each founder can rely on the expertise and experience of mentors, who are specially accredited for the contest. The Businessplan Contest has acquired around 60 experienced managers and entrepreneurs for this important voluntary task. Mentors are supported by specialists from the areas of patent law, licensing issues, and marketing. The contest provides support to participants on the route to an optimal business plan through a comprehensive supply of qualifications, based on seminars and workshops, for the various sections of the business plan. The nationwide, unique business plan certification is also a groundbreaking approach. A certificate awarded by an independent certification board documents the feasibility and quality of the founding concept.
Teams from all over Germany have already registered to take part and are anxiously awaiting the start of the contest. In conjunction with Startbahn Ruhr, the founders will then begin to convert their ideas and visions into a sound business plan. Network contacts and support through the Startbahn Ruhr team ensure that the founders will have many obstacles removed from their path and are able to focus completely on the success of their enterprises. The contest, which is free of charge for participants, is made possible by means granted by the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the EU.
“Anyone taking part in the Medical Industry Business Plan Contest is laying important foundations for entrepreneurial success. Founders are provided with services completely free of charge, which would otherwise cost several thousand Euro. At the same time the fixed deadline for submitting entries ensures that the important preparatory work for foundation is not shelved,” Startbahn MedEcon Ruhr Managing Director Dr. Ute Günther explains the potential of the contest, which is being showcased at Medica, on the joint stand of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, in hall 3 (stand 3C80).
Dr. Ingo Krisch, one of the winners of the Medical Industry Business Plan contest in spring 2007, is also enthusiastic. “I can only advise anyone who has a good idea to go to Startbahn Ruhr and see whether he is able to develop a business concept,” the physicist recommends. Frank Meyer, team leader of 3D-Antisense is also enthusiastic: “The Medical Industry Business Plan Contest is an unbelievable proposal for new founders, which is sure to bear fruit and come to the benefit of the general public”, states the prospective entrepreneur. Applications for the contest will soon be possible over the Internet at