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GHE - German Healthcare Export Group e.V.

German Healthcare Export Group: MEDICA a huge success

Rush hour at the GHE-lounge

BONN/DÜSSELDORF. Most member companies of the GHE defined the MEDICA 2005 as completely successful.

It could be observed that the GHE has become more and more well-known and the visitors who came to our joint booth were more international compared to previous years”, said Ralf Schuster, 2nd chairman of the GHE.

Hostesses and staff had a lot of work to do at the huge joint booth of the GHE, which was located in hall 12, A 63.

Member companies like 3B Scientific, Schölly Fiberoptic, aap Implantate, Unbescheiden or seca were directly connected with the joint booth, whose lounge offered an amply and open ambience and many members and their business partners used the opportunity to retrieve from the general fair turbulence for conversations.

Other GHE-enterprises were placed in the direct environment of hall 12, such as Meiko, KSG Sterilisatoren, Maquet or the Mammendorfer Institut für Physik und Medizin.

Our joint booth was a huge success, not only for our member companies and their business partners”, Schuster adds. “For the first time, even our GHE-members did not complain about anything. This is a fantastic result for us.

GHE-companies themselves assess the MEDICA as a successful fair. So Sandra Merkt from Karl Otto Braun reports: “The visitor’s response was excellent. We had visitors from Scandinavia, the rest of Europe or Kuwait.” KOB presented amongst a range of other products its KOBRA CAST, a new bandage, which is quicker, safer, more stabile and economic than the previous models of the company.

The crew from Teleflex Medical pointed out that the trade fair took a promising course. “So far, I have not found the time to go to the joint booth of the GHE”, Gerrit Körber stated on Saturday morning. “I have been so busy in the last days that I could not get away from our booth more than 10 metres.” He also remarked that the MEDICA has become more international for his company. “Our visitors came from the Middle East regions, India or Pakistan.

It can be concluded that most GHE-firms were very satisfied: The visitor’s response was very successful and the number of visitors from the European region, Near and Middle East, Eastern European countries like Russia or Ukraine or China highly increased.