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German Healthcare Export Group: Ground-breaking ceremony for Schölly's Werk III

Ground-breaking ceremony for Werk III

DENZLINGEN. The ground-breaking ceremony on 25 November was the beginning of GHE-member Schölly’s further expansion.

The investment of six million euros flows mainly into Werk III. This third factory of the family-run concern from Denzlingen shall optimise the company’s work flow.

Schölly plans to hire 40 to 50 new employees up to the year 2008. Founded in 1973, the company decided to build another plant in 2004 and furthermore already opened distribution works in Malaysia and the USA this year.

Together with the executive board and representatives from politics and alliances, the Schölly family carried out the ground-breaking ceremony on 25 November. In summer 2006, the plant’s construction will be finished and stands for Schölly’s outstanding sales development as well.

The company’s involvement in the field of international expansion is moreover demonstrated by the fact that 90 per cent of Schölly’s items developed and produced in Germany are exported – and only the remaining 10 per cent are distributed at home.

More information about GHE-member Schölly Fiberoptic can be found on the following link: or on the GHE-homepage: .

The photograph above shows the Schölly family, carrying out the ground-breaking ceremony for Werk III, together with representatives from politics and alliances (from left to right):
Edgar Strub/executive quality management, Hanno Hurth/district administrator, Dirk Barten/executive marketing and sales, Dr. Christoph Münzer/chief executive officer WVIB, Reto Schölly/son of the Schölly's, Werner Schölly/executive officer, Regula Schölly/executive officer, Claudia Schölly/daughter of the Schölly's, Dr. Lothar Fischer/mayor of Denzlingen, Dr. Volkmar Freystein/executive development and construction, Harald Haigis/executive production
(photo: Schölly)