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Gentle: Water-jet-"Scalpel"

Particularly gentle: Operating with water-jet systems
Separate instead of cutting or burning. Water instead of the scalpel or the laser. In the world’s most progressive operating theaters, the trend is towards using the water-jet as the “scalpel”. More and more surgeons prefer to work with this natural material – sterile, precise and at high pressure – because they can save their patients so many of the side- and after-effects that would otherwise be the norm. The operation itself is also easier for the surgeon and does not take as long. The ground-breaking water-jet is produced by a device called helix hydro-jet. The jet rotates with incredible power, just like a drill,
and can be adjusted during the operation (pressure is measured in bar). It separates and dissolves tissue of varying consistency in the human body as desired, but at the same time not disturbing veins or nerve tracts. This means: less damage, less loss of blood and less long term damage, improved care and quality of life for the patient.
A water-jet operation costs less, not more, than conventional procedures. Meanwhile, the system which works with “waterjet
assisted medical technology”, the helix hydro-jet from
human med AG in Schwerin, is already in everyday use in 400 hospitals in every surgical discipline.
The latest system from human
med is also based on this technology: the company launched body-jet on to the market in summer 2004 - specially designed for high precision liposuction operations.
If you are interested, you will find a list with users of both systems at: