Genekam tests and prevention kit for Ebola virus -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Genekam Biotechnology AG

Genekam tests and prevention kit for Ebola virus

Duisburg: 20-10-15 Genekam Biotechnology AG, Germany has developed a number of products to control the Ebola virus. These products are ready to use DNA Tests to detect Ebola-virus and prevention kits to prevent the spreading of Ebola virus.

In order to stop the spreading of Ebola-virus, there is a need of reliable and sensitive tests. Genekam Biotechnology AG has developed an assay, which is highly sensitive because it target two different genes of this virus i.e. double check. Double checking means that it is much sensitive than the other assays. It is a realtime PCR, which is far better than serological methods, which are prone to cross reactions leading to wrong results. This kit can be used on different samples like serum, blood, lesions and tissue. This kit is developed and manufactured in Germany from Genekam Biotechnology AG.