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Genekam 4in1 kit for detection of Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya viruses in one Step from one drop of blood

Fast, accurate, price effective and multiple parameters from one drop of blood

Duisburg: 07.09.2016 Genekam Biotechnology AG has developed one of the world´s first
test 4in1 test, which can detect Zika, Dengue (1-2, 3-4) and Chikungunya in one step even
from different kinds of samples even one of drop of blood. Such tests are going to speed up
the monitoring of these viruses as they are accurate, fast and price effective.

It is well known fact that Zika virus infection may be compounded through other viruses like
Dengue and Chikungunya viruses as they are transmitted through the same mosquito e.g.
Aedes aegypti . Genekam 4 in 1 test is in position to tell which virus is causing the infection.
Such tests can be of important help for tourists visiting the prone areas e.g. Mexico, Brazil as
well as pregnant women living in such prone areas. 4in1 test can be of great importance for
the blood banks as well as semen and tissue banks, where one wants to know whether the
donor is carrier any of these viruses in order to prevent the potential transmission of such
viruses. Even Genekam test can be of importance for the Government in a country, where
these viruses are causing outbreaks as they want to know the prevalence of these viruses in
human population as well as in intermediate hosts like monkey along with the vectors like

Genekam 4 in 1 virus differentiate between 1-2 and 3-4 dengue virus genotypes as such
differentiation is quite vital for dengue viruses because dengue virus 2 is known to be
potential cause of fatal form of dengue virus infection in human beings.

This test is developed on the basis of DNA technology, which is being regarded as gold
standard in medicine. Other advantage of Genekam test is that it is highly specific and
accurate i.e. it will detect only Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya viruses in the sample. It is in
a position to detect viruses in different kinds of samples e.g. one drop of blood on special
papier as such paper make it possible that user can send the samples in a small letter to
laboratory, which may be a hundreds kilometres away and the laboratory can send the results
after conducting the analysis through email or SMS.

Genekam tests offers a number positive points against the serological methods like ELISA,
Rapid tests and IFT as these are prone to cross reactions i.e. may detect the other viruses,
which are closely related like Dengue, Westnile, St. Louis Encephalitits, Chikungunya etc,
hence they can lead to wrong results, which may end up with wrong preventive or therapeutic
measurements. Such disadvantages of serological assays are well known in medical literature
for Zika virus publication. Zika viruses are known to cause microcephaly, where serological
methods may not of great help. Moreover serological methods are in position at present to
detect one parameter against Genekam kit, which can detect 4 parameters in one step.
The cost of the chemicals for 4in1 test is 8 euro against 40 euros, if laboratory is trying to use
each parameters indivually.

There is no therapy and vaccine available for all these viruses particularly Zika viruses,
therefore prevention through testing is only possibility today.
Genekam Biotechnology AG works in the field of virology and immunology. It has around
700 different products for different pathogens like HIV, HCV, HBV, CMV, HPV. Ebola
virus, Influenza viruses etc. It develops and manufactures its solutions in Germany

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