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GastroPanel in the Screening, Diagnosis and Prevention of Diseases

GastroPanel has been developed as a result of decades of basic Finnish medical research. GastroPanel, which is performed from a blood sample, reveals the status and functioning of the mucosa of the entire stomach. This novel method is non-invasive, risk free and friendly for the patient. GastroPanel gives in most of the cases the same results on the status and functioning of the mucosa of the stomach as gastroscopy and the related examination of biopsy specimens. However, the latter is subjective and dependent on professional skills and experience of the gastroscopist and pathologist examining the biopsy specimens. In addition, GastroPanel examination, when compared with gastroscopy and the examination of biopsy specimens, is more sensitive and discovers, therefore, considerably smaller changes in the status and functioning of the mucosa of the stomach.

GastroPanel consists of tests for Helicobacter pylori -antibodies, pepsinogen I and II and gastrin-17, which are performed on a plasma sample by a sensitive and safe enzyme immunoassay (EIA) -method.


Based on the test results of the GastroPanel the GastroSoft program generates a diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori -infection and atrophic gastritis, and provides an indication of the risk of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer. In addition, the software gives a recommendation for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori -infection in accordance with the Maastricht 2 (2000) consensus statement. Furthermore, GastroSoft provides a recommendation, if necessary, for gastroscopy and the examination of biopsy specimens as well as for the measurement of the concentrations of vitamin B12 and homocysteine in a blood sample. Finally, GastroSoft reminds the general practitioner of possible risks for esophageal reflux disease and its severe complication, Barrett’s esophagus.

The GastroPanel can be applied for Research Use in the USA.